Welcome to Rojo

You’ll note in our new logo we’ve artistically(?) scratched out the word “Lounge” and scrawled in its place the words “Beach Bar.” Why is that you ask? I mean after all, Rojo has always been right on the beach and has always had a bar? Well, it’s because we’re taking yet another giant step towards making this truly the kind of place we’d enjoy ourselves. Last year’s goal was to shed the misnomer that Rojo is a “fancy place.” Just because our food is really good, somehow we got pegged as a place reserved only for special occasions and such (it’s our belief obviously that food, every day food, SHOULD be really good.) So we stopped taking reservations and tried to steer the restaurant more towards an every day kind of place. This year’s goal is to steer Rojo away from being a “restaurant.” Huh, come again? It’s been our experience that the best experiences and best conversations take place around the BAR. So this year we’ve expanded the bar and made it the main focus. We’re also going to start having guests order food AT the bar (if you want to dine by the pool or at a table, fine, but orders will be placed at the bar.) So when you walk off the dock or walk up the beach to Rojo, belly up to the bar and make your self at home.

-Chef Jeff


Our Food

This season we’ve scaled back our menu here a bit. That’s ok as we’re strong proponents of quality over quantity. Everything we serve is made from scratch, our kitchen and staff is small and we all cook in the mindset that on any given day we’re only as good as the worst dish we put out. We do our best to utilize what is local, fresh and in season. Much of what we serve we grow ourselves. We cook very deliberately. Personally speaking, I’ve never sent a dish back with the complaint that there is “too much flavor in it.” We try to keep this in mind.


Drink up

There's something universally appealing about the iconic beach bar. Stunning sea views, the cooling breeze off the water, frosty beers & cold rum drinks sipped while slouched on wobbly bar stools, sitting barefoot in the sand, sleepy sandy dogs lounging in the shade, a hammock or two calling your name & crackly tropical tunes playing over the radio…

At Rojo we do our best to do the beach bar the justice it deserves. Cocktails are crafted with the same care and attention we give to our food. Our juices and mixes are fresh. Our bloody mary's spicy and hearty. We never use cheap well liquor. Our wine is served chilled. Our beer is served cold.


BBQ's to banquets

Looking for a laid back setting to have a great beach bbq??? A place to throw a pool party on a sunny afternoon? Give us a call. Gotta group of 20, 30, 40? - not a problem. We’ll fill the coolers w/ cold Belikin, stock the bar, make the rum punch, light the tiki torches and fire up the bbq…


Rojo Beach Bar is CLOSED for the Season!!!

You don’t need a reservation at Rojo, in fact we don’t take them (save for special events and such.)

Rojo Beach Bar is open Tuesday through Saturday.

We open at noon and stay open as late as it makes sense.

Occasionally we'll stay open Sundays and Mondays…

Occasionally we might be closed on a day of the week we'd normally be open… the reasons for such vary:

  • it’s a particularly good day for fishing
  • staff did not show up
  • the dogs need a bath
  • Belize national spelling bee is being broadcast on the radio
  • it's one of the 3-dozen odd national holidays of the year

Our staff is small and everything on the menu is made from scratch.  Sometimes this translates into a bit of a wait.  If you're waiting, we encourage you to enjoy a cocktail.  If you're waiting for a cocktail, we encourage you to relax and look to the east, as views do not get much better.  If it's raining to the east… oh well.

If any of the above gets you in a tizzy to the point that you feel the need to verbally abuse our staff, we politely suggest that perhaps this is not the place for you.  We'd strongly encourage you to not verbally abuse the chef.

Please pet the dogs & cats. 

You can reach us at by e-mail at info@azulbelize.com